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Valier, MT 

Private Treaty Bull Sales
We usually have younger yearling bulls for sale later in the spring. Contact us if you would like to view these bulls or want EPD info.

Semen Sales
Please contact us directly if you are interested in or have questions regarding semen sales.

Annual Production Sale

Connelly 2023

Fe​bruary 28, 2023 at 1pm

Welcome to Connelly Angus!

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Welcome to North Central Montana! We are very excited to show you our program. Our breeding philosophy has always been centered around producing problem-free females with excellent longevity that can survive and excel in a commercial rancher's environment. This can only be accomplished with females that have excellent structure, feet, superior udder, and teat qualities. We believe in a moderate framed cow that milks well while holding her condition and can consistently wean off a heavy calf. In our program, we place a high emphasis on fertility, carcass quality, natural thickness, maternal traits, fast growth, quiet dispositions, and moderate birth weights. At Connelly Angus, we have been stacking cow families with these characteristics to produce an elite cow herd that can produce a consistent and quality product. We are focusing on bloodlines that leave you with females that can bring in a good calf year after year for the long run. You cannot build a cowherd and get ahead with a high percentage of open young cows!  Stop by and take a look, the coffee pot is always on! 


Genetics for the Long Run Production Sale

      February 28, 2023  1:00 pm

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Private Treaty Female Sales
Select bred Heifers and Cows for sale in the Fall. 

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