Connelly Angus

Genetics for the Long Run!

Connelly Angus specializes in breeding moderate-framed, easy fleshing, high-volume, functional Angus cattle to fit the short grass country of Northern Montana. These cattle are bred to survive and excel in a commercial cowman's environment.  We have bred a high-maternal cowherd that excels in longevity, the No. 1 most important trait.  Longevity to us means an efficient, maintenance-free female with fault-free udder and teat qualities, being structurally correct with sound feet, excellent fertility and weaning off a consistently heavy calf year after year.  We have been stacking these cow families with this kind of long-term production record to produce an elite cow herd

February 26, 2019

150 Yearling Angus Bulls   &  

20 Registered Yearling Heifers

1:00 pm at the ranch,  Valier, MT

Thank you to all our buyers and those who attended our 2019 sale!